Florida Cyclocross Season 2012-2013

The Florida Cyclocross season is only two months away. What is cyclocross? CX can be considered a combination of road and mountain biking taking place on circuits in parks or other areas where racers have to navigate over asphault, grass, dirt, hills, barries, stairs and more. This spectator friendly sport due to the close proximity to the entire course makes it a unique discipline in cycling. Cyclocross is the fastest growing discipline in cycling and Florida cyclocross races are gaining more attention with higher participation year after year. The USAC permitted, Florida Cyclocross Calendar can be found here at www.myFBRA.org, your local association for USA Cycling. Our calendar will display all permitted races including race flyers, location maps, contact information and more. The Florida Cyclocross Series is a series made up of the group of cross promoters in the state. Other, promoter run websites on cyclocross in Florida are www.floridacx.com and www.flcx.org. In order to race cyclocross, if you are a cross category 4, you don’t need to have an annual license and can purchase a one day license at the event. However, if your category is higher that a cat. 4, meaning you are a cat. 1,2,3, you must have an annual USA Cycling license. For information on purchasing a license see http://www.usacycling.org/news/user/story.php?id=6784.

USA Cycling Cyclocross Rulebook