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The FBRA has approved and announced a Florida Ranking System for Cyclocross (FRS-CX) to assist with the promotion and development of cyclocross in Florida. The decision to offer this was to be able to provide a ranking system and FBRA support virtually identical to that offered to the road discipline. A full description of the FRS-CX can be found at

The ranking system is not intended to replace the FLCX series that has been developed by a few promoters the last few years and has been successful in assisting with the growth of cyclocross, but rather to supplement it. This allows the FLCX series to continue to select what races participate in the FLCX series and gives other events in the state the opportunity to be able to participate in the State Ranking System. We also want to ensure new would be promoters who are not in the FLCX have motivation to grow their event by being part of a ranking system that has no cost and will help promote their events as well.

The rankings will be tabulated and displayed through the same competition module that is currently being used for road, and the FBRA has offered to assist the FLCX series if they would like to use this for tabulation of the FLCX series. The FBRA will assist any promoter wishing to administer a series competition with series results tabulation, similar to how the FBRA assists the promoter run WAM Clean Racing Series.

The basic features of the FRS-CX are as follows:

  • open to any USA Cycling permitted cyclocross event in Florida held on a weekend and not permitted as a series. Structured so that weekday training events would not be included since they are not accessible on weeknights to all racers across the state and would have the potential to skew the results.
  • there is no fee to the promoter to participate
  • promoters must submit results to USA Cycling in a prescribed format which the FBRA will provide and will assist with this submission. This is basically the same as is currently being done, but category names must match exactly in the results submission
  • allows the FBRA to increase the promotion of the rankings to assist with increased marketing of the cyclocross discipline
  • places no requirements on waves, times or distances, or start order. The only requirement is that the categories are scored follow the FRS-CX categories which match those of FLCX and most, if not all, cyclocross races in the state. The FBRA feels that how a race is run should be at the discretion of each promoter that is taking the financial risk and putting forth the effort to host an event, and not dictated by the FBRA.

FRS-CX Trophy

Participation in this ranking system is totally optional, incurs no cost to the promoter, and inclusion is at the discretion of each individual promoter. The primary benefit is that the FRS-CX offers the ability to promote all cyclocross events in the state by promoting the FRS-CX. Some may ask why the FBRA does not just do the same thing with the current FLCX. The FBRA cannot be selective in what events or promotes are supported, and by allowing any cyclocross event to participate it meets that objective. Events can participate in both the FLCX as well as the FRS-CX, similar to how in road there is a FRS, WAM Clean Racing Series, and Top View/ BBPA series and others all being run concurrently.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact either Jared Zimlin or Keith Creeden using their contact information listed below. At this time, the FBRA would like a commitment from each promoter if they will be participating since an e-mail to promote the cyclocross season is being prepared to be sent out in about 7-10 days to all licensed riders in the state, and all races will be listed.

The Board has approved a One Day License Matching Grant for cyclocross promoters. This program hopefully will bring in some new riders to the discipline that are not currently licensed. The FBRA will place $500 in a one day license grant program for CX where the FBRA will reimburse the CX promoter $5 for each one day license if the promoter will match that $5 and not charge the new rider a one day license fee. Only one grant per rider is eligible on any given permit, ie, if a rider races both days on  a weekend event, the grant will apply to only one day.  This program will stay in effect until Jan 1, 2014 or until the $500 is exhausted. This program will apply to all CX events including series events. The caveat is that the promoter is matching the FBRA’s $5. In the case of series events permitted by a single promoter, a rider may receive one “free” one day license from that promoter, ie, a rider cannot participate in multiple series permitted events on a one day and received this “free” one day license each time. The race promoters will be reimbursed for the one day license fees upon submitting the rider’s names and e-mail address to the FBRA. To participate, the flyer must note that the one day license is being paid by jointly by the FBRA and the race promoter.

We have a need for more CX officials. I would suggest that you contact friends or club members that may have an interest in becoming a USA Cycling licensed official. An individuals that have an interest can contact our state official’s coordinator, Jim Hubbard at or Keith Creeden at If there are enough, the FBRA can hold a class. Optionally, there is a CD course and test that can be taken.

Please also visit the Permitting Guide for Cyclocross Promoters to aid with event submission and approval. Please note that USA Cycling has changed the late fees for permitting, and they now go into effect at 60 days and increase significantly at 30 days and again at 14 days. If you need any assistance with event submission and permitting, please contact Keith. All cyclocross race flyers are reviewed by a cyclocross representative prior to Keith’s review that all USA Cycling guidelines have been met.

Thank you and we hope this season is the best ever for cyclocross in Florida.

FBRA Board

Jared Zimlin
FBRA Board President

Keith Creeden
FBRA Board Permit Coordinator