Please Welcome the 2017 FBRA Board of Directors!

On Monday December 5th it was brought to the attention of the Board of Directors that some votes were not tabulated in the 2017 election results. The board began looking into these inquiries the same day and after some investigating it was found that an e-mail link accidently re-directed those votes to an unused FBRA e-mail account. The USA Cycling Regional Coordinator, Stuart Lamp, was able to gain access and has added those votes to the remaining votes that were cast.

Congratulations to the following nominees who have been elected to the 2017 FBRA Board of Directors:

Josh Thornton
Ryan Woodall
Carl Sundquist

The 3 newly elected members will serve for two years and join Vincent Cook, Jim Wright, Tish Kelly and Ryan Saylor who will be remaining for the second year of their two-year term.

The vote tally for this year:

Ryan Woodall – 80

Carl Sundquist – 69

Darren Dowling – 62

Josh Thornton – 66

Kyle Markel – 28

Kaleigh Thornton – 28