About FBRA

FBRA Bylaws March 2016

Founded in 2004

The FBRA’s mission is to Support and Develop Amateur Cycling in the State of Florida on behalf of USA Cycling.  The Board of Directors is nominated, elected, and appointed annually to plan, organize, and implement all that is suggested and needed to accomplish the association’s mission.  The FBRA is a 501(c)3 non-profit.

2016 Board of Directors
President Vincent Cook Contact Page
Vice President Jim Wright Contact Page
Treasurer Darren Dowling  Contact Page
Director – CX Ryan Woodall Contact Page
Director – CX Josh Thornton Contact Page
Secretary Ryan Saylor Contact Page
Director – Officials Jim Wright Contact Page


The FBRA develops and oversees a variety of programs directed to engage all members and improve the quality of cycling in Florida. The following programs have been selected for implementation:

Program Directors
Marketing & Communications Vincent Cook vcook302@gmail.com
Junior Development Vincent Cook vcook302@gmail.com
Women Development
Cyclocross  Ryan Woodall  mtbwoodall@gmail.com
Cyclocross Josh Thornton  coachthornton9@gmail.com
Promoters/Permitting Vincent Cook  vcook302@gmail.com
Racer Upgrades Tracy Mullins 
Officials Stuart Lamp slamp@usacycling.org
Southeast Regional Coordinator Stuart Lamp slamp@usacycling.org
Recognition/Awards  Ryan Saylor  870ryan@gmail.com